1. I still sleep in your shirt every night. My mother told me I should be a bitch and ask if you wanted it back for the next girl you use. My best friend says I should burn it. There’s a bloodstain on it right over my heart. I feel like it’s proof you damaged it.

2. I was doing laundry the other day. I thought about that time I was doing it with you and tried to steal your clean shirt. You made me take one that you had worn for a while so I’d fall asleep smelling you.

3. There’s a scar on my lip from where you bit it. You stupid fuck.

4. You asked me why I was sad once. You told me you wanted to help me, that you’d always be there to listen. We haven’t spoken in weeks.

5. I died a bit when you admitted you couldn’t remember any of the small details I had told you about me.

6. When I found out you used me to cheat, I threw up. I didn’t care so much that you had hurt me. I cared more that you had hurt her and she would never know.

7. I think I loved you even though you wouldn’t let me love you. I’ve never been one for following the rules.

8. I can’t stand pictures of you and her together. I had to remove you. I don’t think you even notice.

9. I hate you for doing this to me.

10. I hope when she breaks your heart, you try to text me. I hope you pour your heart out to me, say that it was me all along. That you love me. And I will reply with, “Sorry, who is this?”

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12.Oct.14 1 week ago